Pinup in offers football betting, hockey and other types

Pin Up Casino

Almost all BCs (and PIN UP is no exception), they require, before making sports bets, pass the registration procedure and checking personal data. With the help of simplified procedures in PIN, registration becomes much easier than in other bookmakers.

What is the bookmaker Pinup in?

The bookmaker is an institution in the form of a ground office or an online site that allows you to bet on certain events, as a rule, with predetermined coefficients, receiving (if successful) the corresponding winning. Historically, BC allowed any bet – from political events (for example, who will win the elections) to the phenomena of nature (will it be rain on a specific day). But now Pinup is almost completely carried out around sports rates.

Pinup in offers football, hockey betting and other sports. Of great interest is Live on sports – this is the name of a bet, concluded in real time, directly when the event occurs. But in order to gain access to all these capabilities, you need to register.

Why is registration in PIN AP or another bookmaker Indiaa?

Registration in Pinap online is carried out directly on the site. You will easily find the “Register” button right on the main page of the site. All you need to do is to press it and follow further instructions. Why is this procedure needed?

Registration in Pinap India pursues the following goals:

Confirmation of age. In accordance with the legislation of most countries, playing gambling and hockey bets can exclusively adult citizens.

Pin Up Casino

Providing personal data. It is Pin Up Casino also a requirement of the legislation – rates on MMA and other disciplines are associated with financial transactions, and the law prohibits accepting the funds of anonymous and paying them unknown to anyone.

Additional precaution. By playing the official website on PIN UP, the bettor can accumulate quite large funds on the deposit, which, in turn, can be of interest to scammers. A multifactor audit of operations with large amounts will help prevent an unauthorized withdrawal of funds.

To complete the registration, you should submit to the PIN-UP in a number of documents.

Registration on the official website PIN AP – the path to sports betting in Indiai

To complete the registration of PIN-UP, the bettor will have to go through the verification procedure, that is, confirm his identity with the help of documents. Documents are requested by the security service individually, and their kit may differ.

There is no doubt that PIN AP will be requested by personality certificate – in the universal case, this is the passport of a citizen. You can also use a passport, but the refusal to provide a passport will surely arouse suspicion.

When withdrawing large amounts, as a rule, PIN-up requires not only a selfie with a document, but also a photo with a bank card on which the number is visible. Significant plus – Name map with photo.

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