Affiliate Managers in Affiliate Marketing: Definition and Examples

Within the portal, you can provide affiliates with assets – such as banner ads, promotional offers, even content – that they can embed onto their blog or website. Publisher Discovery is a leading developer of AI & Machine Learning technologies for the Affiliate Marketing industry. Our team has extensive experience in online advertising and affiliate marketing as well as the development of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. While we can’t help with every task in an affiliate managers role, we have developed some invaluable apps for your tool box. From the early days when affiliate relationships were only managed by the network teams, the role has developed enormously. With increasing transparency from the networks, a merchant was soon able to engage with the affiliates personally.

  • At Reditus, we offer all the features you need to effectively manage your affiliate program, plus expert advice and support from our experienced affiliate experts.
  • There are a lot of benefits to this that you will see immediately and I have outlined each below.
  • Without it, affiliates like you can go unrecognized and unpaid for their efforts.
  • Outsourcing does not mean giving up control of your affiliate program.
  • Our affiliate marketing experts have years of experience which means they can also apply best practices to your program and give you the edge over competitors.
  • You can recruit affiliates by promoting your program to existing networks or utilizing an affiliate recruitment platform like Reditus.

Affiliate management software pulls together all your tracking data to give you access to everything you need to know in one place. Affiliate management software can change the game for publishers. This technology vastly improves your insight into the inner workings of your affiliate program.

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The goal in mind here, of course, is to drive traffic and sales. JEBCommerce guarantees $10M of revenue in 3 years for Fashion, Beauty and Skincare, Outdoor and Gear and Travel brands without incurring unearned commission costs. And what should you do to avoid paying commission on leads that aren’t genuine? Advertise Purpletakes the worry and risk out of the equation by carefully vetting affiliates on your behalf. Listed below are some important points to consider when purchasing affiliate software.

what is affiliate management

The software can host affiliate programs, referral programs, and reseller programs. They are some of the highest recommended affiliates by the networks which is one of the main reasons you should never trust the networks. Low value and no value affiliates tend to be the ones networks recommend the most since they are high converting and many networks get paid on affiliate conversions. They rely on you to have your own traffic and intercept that traffic to earn commissions. Good affiliate managers remove them from your program and bad ones allow them in.

Detecting trend lines, and giving insight from that data is important and their experienced team should be able to do that for their customers. Keep affiliates motivated during long purchase cycles by offering a reward for more than one event. For example, configure an initial commission of a lower amount for a new lead in your pipeline and a secondary commission of a higher amount when the new customer completes the sales cycle. Include information on what and where to share, how to utilize the portal, recommendations for seeing success, and more. This is also a great way to introduce yourself as the program manager and start building a personal relationship with your affiliates. Have adjusted their online strategies to generate revenue through affiliate marketing.

How Does Affiliate Management Work?

It’s important to mention that all iDevAffiliate plans come without any fees on the number of transactions or affiliates you have. The higher priced plans come with additional features such as geo-targeting and QR codes. The affiliate markets and shares links to Business X’s store via blogs, social media, etc. Do they have the ability to take the raw data from the network and turn it into meaningful information for you?

what is affiliate management

But ongoing education and skills development will be the only key to continued affiliate marketing success. Most networks alert both the affiliate and the brand or merchant when there is a problem with an affiliate account, such as a password change or broken links. All-in-all a dedicated affiliate manager would aim to optimize their network. But apart from the main functions, the role of an affiliate manager also has a coaching aspect to it.

Affiliate management isn’t like paid search for instance as yet and there are no equivalents to Google accreditation. It’s fair to say that an OPM looking to recruit a new account manager will mostly need to refer to the applicant’s experience to date. Investing in the right platform ensures you’re on the right track and have all the necessary tools to reach your goals. They could then focus their efforts on promoting those particular affiliates and rewarding them with higher commissions or other incentives, increasing their profitability.

what is affiliate management

We can develop more than 14 ways to assist you that’ll allow you to get ahead of your competitors. Instead of racking your brain on using and integrating this technology, you can focus affiliate marketing tools on your essential business functionalities in your office. Affiliate sales management makes it easy to get the best possible results from your partnership marketing channel.

what is affiliate management

It takes a lot of time, effort, new ideas and flexibility to maintain any business model. It also takes a smart marketing program if you want brand recognition, and thus sales, to grow. While social media marketing, print marketing and word of mouth are all effective, affiliate marketing with an affiliate management team can offer a unique growth opportunity. Affiliate managers will seek to utilize programs and software that save time and allow better efficiencies for database management in the future. This will help to keep their affiliate marketing programs to remain successful and continuously drive new customers via a diverse range of partners.

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